Jack Richards

The Wedding

I sit patiently waiting
Gazing above
She comes to her balcony
With flowers of spring
Pressed to her breast
The bloom of love

A sunlit day
Once lived in a dream
And wanted forever
But isn't it better
When anxious hours end
In the season of flower

From fingers kissed by her lips
A petal tossed gently on air
Gliding slowly but sure to my fingertips
Heaven sent answer
Tender love granter
The reply stumbles then bursts from my lips

I love you I tell you it is true I love you
If I shout too loudly I'm sorry
But I've waited long for this treasure
Pure gold for this lucky man
No scale can weigh
Nor rule can measure

My heart's yearning
Loves long awaited journey
Long suffered hours
In the season of flower

She whispers my calling
Come love
At last it comes true
My dream of heaven
I hasten by stair
One flight to be there

Once in the doorway
I gaze through her chamber
Sunlight shining
Star-bright her lining
Our hearts colliding

And the wedding of two lives
As one is complete
As the earth and rain
After summer showers
My carefully considered lines of persuasion
In this the season of flower

Jack Richards
 copyright 2005

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