Shatana Brown

The Unwanted Middle

In a happy family,
the man and woman have their children, three
the first is the golden child,
the third is the baby,
and the second,
the middle child, just plain, nothing

The first gets to decide everything,
of each meal, gets the biggest portion
breakfast, lunch, or dinner
everything they do earns them praise,
in their allowance anytime, can have a raise
most popular guy in school, can have any girl
has all the opportunities to achieve in the world
finding a mate, they're the first to marry,
first to leave the nest, living happily

Third child's the youngest,
no matter how young or old,
always the baby,
the sweet, adorable bundle of joy,
the object of mom and dad's affections
always spoiled, always getting their way
gets the most gifts at Christmas time,
had ups and downs in life, but still did fine
finished high school, finished college,
married someone rich, in wealth and knowlege
gets the most love from Grandma,
in the Bible, it says last shall be first,
and that sure as hell's true

But as for the second child,
he's stuck in the middle,
parents aren't planning for more kids,
mom got her tubes tied,
dad got the big V,

The middle child goes through tragedy
second place doesn't cut it in this family
every deed he does good, goes unnoticed
cries out for attention, but gets scolded
gets hardly any portion of meals
his chance of finding a girl slim
the oldest will always cockblock him,
try to steal his girl,
the youngest will bring him embarassment,
try to drive her away
when he moves out,
no one will remember him at all
he will slowly fade out of their lives

Of the children three,
the first is the oldest,
the leader, achiever,
the absolute best
the third is the baby,
the spoiled little princess,
gets what she wants,
never settles for less
the middle child,
unloved, unwanted,
pretty much nobody
gets absolutely nothing,
no love, no attention, no material things,
to their parents, they hardly even exist

Thank god I'm the youngest
of my parent's children
I have nothing to worry about
nothing at all