drkgbalakrishnan kandangath

the ultimate

24-6-1944/DOB bsc, mbbs. fica Kandangath,Kattoor-680702-Thrissur India-680702


  The sky readying
  For a summer rain,
  Dark clouds restless
  As the poet's mind
  Agitated with thoughts,
  The lightning flashing
  As though testing;
  Rather practicing
  For a rare show of talent;
  Mike testing the thunder;
  O how enchanting the show!
  Nature the real Show-man!!

  In a mood of meditation
  Am I, the grandfather
  Enjoying the play
  Of the mischievous children,
  Happy an, proud,
  Caressing carelessly
  His grey rough beard!

  Flying my thoughts swift,
  As the birds, vivid
  To reach their nest,
  Me seeking the ultimate!

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