Michael William Ryan

The Trucker's Prayer

Lord, I know it's You who leads my way,
Who guides me on this road.
It's You who brings me safely back
After dropping off my load.
It's You whose love I gently feel
As I steer these roads with eighteen wheels.
We're a different breed, my friends and I,
But our load gets heavy from time to time.
If it had not been for You, oh Lord,
Where, oh where would we be?
It's because of You we're here right now,
My trucker friends and me.
So come, Lord Jesus, wherever we go.
Be a light to our path, we pray.
And help us, Lord, to carry our load.
It's a might too heavy today.
Come, Lord Jesus; come live in our hearts.
To You our sins we bare
As we kneel before You at the cross
To say the trucker's prayer.

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