The Tale of Time

Tale of Time
By: ForeverSwt727

Once upon a time,
the baby panda found a dime
and she grew up to be a winner
with riches to buy us dinner.

She was born as a gifted one
yet was always the confused hun
as she was sweet until that evil day
when life tried to drown her in an ocean bay.

The poor panda forced herself to swim
even when darkness made the lights dim
until she met the most caring, cute fish
who said he would do whatever she may wish

And they magically found an empty castle of royalty
that had their names on it after they agreed upon loyalty.
This strange incident was their destined tale of time
because everything happens for a reason just like a rhyme.

Life always gets better for those who deserve it
and no matter where you are there will be your proper fit
so do not lose hope or have any fear
and be as strong and powerful as this panda bear.

After she became a princess, she grew up
and as the fish did a hiccup,
they fell into a new world of godesses and gods
and became immortal humans with tight bods

Since the sky is the limit
they saw their new life living high in their summit
and lived their life with no regret
as they were the happiest gods to never forget.

*sigh* I am just being bored at the moment from trying to have fun thinking I am crazy for making up some random story. It was just an inspiration from several things going on in my life lately and HOPE for things to get better within due time... =)

Stay Sweet and Smile for your own Feat,