Anthony BamBam Thomas

The Sight Of You

Just a man with a pencil spillin his heart with no regrets.

Is this for real?
I can’t believe my eyes,
A dancing angel is so hard to find.
I arise and I walk
Till we’re face to face,
Hip to hip but I respect your space.
Your body
Your hair
Your lips divine;
How else can I put it, you’re so damn fine.
Now to my dislike
You are so far away,
But one call and your voice and its all ok.
When I hear you smile
All turns to good,
Like an artist with his tools when he carves on wood.
Like the sky when it opens up
To reveal the sun;
Like flowers in mid blossom
Like how rivers run.
Beautiful your sight
You make the whole world pause,
Presents and kisses I’ll give for no cause.
In my eyes you deserve it all
Shine of stars,
Keys to gates with golden bars.
You should tell by now
You make my heart do flips,
Can’t imagine how I’ll be after kissing your lips.
These are dreams
I dream of you;
If you could see my eyes
You could see its true,
I don’t want another day
Without the sight of you.