Tom Janca

The Secret of Sacred Mountain

Gather around, my children dear.
There is something important I want you to hear.
Sacred mountain is no laughing matter.
Quiet now, I don't want to hear any chatter.
My father told me and his father told him,
and a mother or two now and then.
How far back no one knows.
So here is how the story goes.
There are infinite paths to the top of the mountain.
The path you choose is the only one that's yours for certain.
You can help others along their way, that's okay.
Each step is an experience that's better than a book.
It's the real thing right there for a look.
A grain of sand, a piece of dirt,
you could write a book on each, I assert.
As much as Science has ever learned is right there
at the bottom of your foot.
So choose your steps and take your time the secrets of
sacred mountain will unwind.