Mgbada chukwudi cletus

The river beauty

Name:Mgbada chukwudi cletus occupation:student marital status:single sex:male state:Ebonyi state,Abakaliki. Country:Nigeria ABOUT HIM: He is a funny drud who does know his right from his left.Always carried away by his stoic words;which had variably and invariably,advertently and inadvertentl…

See her break the peace of the river,
as she float on-top,
with her four pedals
supporting her

her unkempt hair flushing the whims she creat,
as she darts and slacks like a swimming toad,
with a feazure of the proverbial African goddess.

her 'rags' drenched to her skin,
as the acqua exposes her adoring figure,
letting no segment a closet;
even the two plumppy duals in her upper chest and lower waist,

the provoked-restive-water seized her cloak,
tucking the strategic piece inbetween the natural lumps
as a drowning "w" is drawn in the stampeded locus;

her outgrown hair on getting its freedom
relaxes on the surface of her head like a dog fish resting on the river bank.

how jealous i grew of water
wishing i were her relaxer.

she came out with an already kempt hair,
and that dotrinates the saloonization of the African river.

"oh river beauty,
all wishes of high taste of life"