EP Haridasan

The Riddle Of Poetry.com Awards

Hails from Kerala,India.I am 64 years old,retired from Goverment service ,presently settled in Delhi.My wife is a home maker.We have two sons,both settled in life.By virtue of my job,I have widely travelled across the country and few place abroad too.We are now leading a very happy and peaceful lif…

It was my practice for the past few months,
To jot down one or two couplets,
These were being posted in the poetry.com,
I was regularly contributing to this site.

  Suddenly I felt that I am losing touch,
  I am being denied the faculty to think,
  To think, to dream and to imagine things,
  Which helped me tilldate to write few lines.

Or is it the fault of Poetry.com,
Which assures a lot of rewards,
You earn so and so points, and,
You will get appropriate rewards.

  But once you attain to these levels,
  You write to them for feed back,
  Poetry.com is unresponsive and silent,
  Is this a ploy to discourage people..?


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