Ayubkhan U

The Philosophy of Compassion-A Poem

Hi this is Ayubkhan.U from Chennai-India. I am a Poet and Advertising Copywriter based at Chennai. I have written more than one hundred poems and posted the same in my various blogs. I am also a Softskill trainer specialized in Communication skill. I have written many Reviews, Short Stories and Chiā€¦

This world has the pleasures within!
 As uncertainty prevails everywhere,
 Love makes this world divine!
 Often true love makes our life precious!

 These birds at the sky are happy!
 And the animals on the earth are peaceful!
 The dense forest has scope for its inmates!
 Why man alone is restless in this vast world?

 Kindness and compassion brings greatness to all!
 Let's lead our life in a meaningful way!
 Help first to get the help,
 Help always, even you don't get any help!

 This mighty sun is never partial to any one!
 And the twinkling stars are jubilant always!
 This blue ocean has resources in abundance!
 Nature only gives, why not us, my dear friend!

 A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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