suzy Q

the other woman

What would you do if your husband brings in another woman to your house and calls her his sweetheart?
But while you were his
he never called you by a third name
He only calls you that woman.
What a sad woman people think you are
my dear, be happy god lefted the burdens off of your shoulders.
you deserve more than reality has to offer
To be precise, he was never your dream gift.
I want to pity your lonely soul but I know God is watching over you and he knows what he's doing with you

She's now his wife
You are just the sour grape
She replaced you and now he kisses her goodnight while you're in a guest room somewhere moaning to your own funeral
Considered him gone
Considered yourself even a widow
because he should be dead to you and the vows you two took should be a mistake
Your husband is somebody else's customer
Don't worry my dear
If he is happy
Let him choke happily in his happiness and if he is sad let him choke in his sadness
Either way he should be dead to you