Ishmael Balfour

The Night is Getting Close

I started to read poems when I was 10 years old and was liking writing poems each day. Years later my mom was happy and glad I was writing small books and poems but sadly I lost her when I was only 15 years old and Remember's Day was the day she passed. Since then it has been two years and I wanted…

The night is getting close,

Our time is almost up,

Let not say goodbye,

Insand let hold hands,

On top on the hill we lay,

Looking up into the star lit sky,

Wondering how you will change their world,

Dreaming about being together,

Seeing them smile each day,

Making them laugh,

Knowing that feeling,

That one true feeling,

You won't never let them go,

Just want to tell them everything,

Pour out your love for them,

You want them so bad you won't give up,

Thinking if they are the one,

Hoping one day their turn around and say,

"Take me away to a far away place just you and me"