Lisa D Wadford

The Navigator

His body is so tired, his eyes are weather worn
Alone with just his thoughts
He hears a distant horn.
The stars up in the sky
So beautiful and bright
Are there to guide his vessel
Into the mornings light.
He listens to the lyrics that the ocean sings
And often feels the spirit
Of the master of all things.
The navigator guides him safely to the shore
But when he hears the calling
He'll leave again once more.
He wakes before the dawn
Inhales the salty air
With his fathers cross around his neck
He bows his head in prayer.
Please bless this ship, bless my men
The mistress of the sea
Like music from a violin, her beauty beckons me.
The navigator of all men, our compass and our light
Will guide us all, once again
With stars that fill the night.