eliseo guerrero cervantes

The Memory Of You

The memory of the many years you lived
Is in the heart of the child you loved
And cared for so devotedly and peerlessly,
Even as your own was slowly melting away--
Like a candle in the rain burning...
As you wished for the sun to come and stay.
And the child is a miracle of life and love,
You let the world know--you were so proud,
Because she has beauty and much grace
And a heart--so kind, caring and blest.
And the child became my beloved mother,
And I, a wife and mother of the child
Who read you--in tears, these words:
"You lived to love us--like nobody else,
And loved us, we live to cherish and
Remember--the times of your life,
With heart-felt gratitude--
For always! For always! For always!"
The memory of you, my Nanang
Is love in my heart forever and ever!

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