John Hugo Cullen

The Lamanites And Nephites United

Born 01 June 1940 at Roswell, New Mexico. Baptized 15 April 1972 in Spring Creek north of Cookeville, Tennessee, at Bend of the River. Ordained a high priest of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints on 04 July 1976 by the late Robert N. Brady.I believe that the standard works, or scripture…

Wickedness and abominations increased among the population.
Sin was like a plague or fire sweeping across the nation!
The Gaddianton robbers became so much on the increase,
that to defend themselves, the Lamanites and Nephites made peace.

Converted Lamanites were no longer under a curse, as of before.
The Lamanites and Nephites resembled each other more and more.
Lamanite, was used in reference to rebels against the doctrine of God,
But that had become the very road, where the Gadianton robbers trod.