Charles Johnson

The keeper of your dreams...(love)

Biographically I would say that this is the place where I share about me.Re veered as a someone with morals, values,and positive energy, inspiration, and responsibilities.My possibilities can't possibly be limited to nothing less than exquisite.Welcome to my page, and I'm glad you stopped to visit.…

I am....
the one who wishes
to fufill your fantasies.
I am the one who holds the key.
I hold the key to your heart.
Behold.... the keeper of your dreams...

I have loved you for quite some time.
I have recently spoke of this.
I have loved you inside of my mind.
Since our very first moments.

I have heard
your various wishes.
Your wishes seem to be my theme.
Nothing this way ever switches.
For I am the keeper of your dreams.

All that was
needed from you was your love.
And you have shown me everything.
And now we fit like a glove.
The love inside of my heart is slowly blossoming.

I will be your lover.
I will be your king.
I will give that to no other.
I am the keeper of your dreams....