Tylee Martin

The Hole

This is Tylee and I want to apologize for my egotistic behavior. Everyone on this site is extremely talented and I don't have the right to say that I'm better than anyone. No matter how good you are there is always someone better.A few of you seemed mighty upset because of my over confidence and I …

The Hole

I crawl into this dark hole to escape light
I crawl into this dark hole to escape life
The hole which is pitch black
I lay inside balled up and naked, sitting right next to an axe
With that I can cut off resources which are my family and friends
Or I could chop off my life line which will be bringing it to an end
Since my pain is like a stain that can't be cleaned
I wash myself away in dangerous streams
My problems are heart wrenching
Emotion pinching
A mental lynching
My hole is so deep I can cut away all the tension
I'm knocking on Death's door, I'm guessing there is nobody home
I'm even dialing Death's number but no one is answering the phone
This hole is not too different from jail
This hole is not too far from Hell
To prevail against others I treat the hole like a shell
I was denied when I tried to go to heaven, I never would have guessed it
Then I tried my luck in Hell and it turned out that I was on the guest list
That's the reason why I'm in this dark hole
My attitude became more colder than the south pole
My imagination is the hole that I go to time after time
But I'm bout to call the realtor cuz I want to reside in my mind

Tylee Martin
 Word Smith

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