Shon White

The Greatest of These (pt. 2)

I'm just dust with a pen; graciously given a talent for word play and redemption from sin...

It's not about the ring on your hand
It's not about long walks on the sand
It's the patience to endure the suffering
When you have no strength in your legs to stand

It's not about the horse and the carriage
Or how many karats you got from Jared's
It's about being faithful in the face of peril
When the weight of the world is left to be carried

It's not about meeting Mr. Right
It's not about pretending that nothing's wrong
It's about bringing hope in the midst of corruption
Eyes on the sparrow amidst the storm

It's not about the late night rendezvous
Where anything you want is bien venue
It's giving up your life for the ones who hate you the most
Sacrificing everything so that they can be renewed

It's the greatest of all of these
The only cure for our disease
In perfect execution, it can cast out fear
It's always the same
And it never leaves

'Cause it's a stream
Flowing down from the River of life
From the King without a shadow
'Cause He's the Father of light

No side chick
No baddies
Don't need no Lil mama wit' no fatty
I need that love that's never gonna let me go
'Cause I get weak and my grip gets weary

Til death do us never
Together forever...Rickrollin' til the end of time
Like the blood that flowed from Calvary
Love so amazing, so divine