JaNel Lechner

The Goddess Hebe

I am a 33 yr. old wife and mother of three. My husband was my High School sweet-heart. We just knew we were meant for each other. We've had our tests and trials, which have brought us even closer having surviving them. And did it with three kids! We have a handsome 6 yr old son and precious 2 1/2 y…

There once lived Hebe
the Goddess of Youth and Spring.
One day she unknowingly became
a form of medieval drama developed
from Church liturgy and based on
episodes in the Life of Christ.
She appeared in the Greek Island Mytilene
unaware of how she got there.
She had become the hecatomb.
The public offerings to the Gods- The sacrifice
She felt this indescribable feeling.
Through deep meditation and
trans like contemplation, her soul
overflowed with spiritual discipline
aimed at the Union of the Divine.
This caused her to be
suddenly and violently confused.
Or was she just a schizophrenic,
marked by her foolish mannerisms,
delusions, hallucinations and regressive behavior?
Is she the mythologize,
the one who writes about the myth?
Is the public the mythographer,
the recorder of those myths?

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