eliseo guerrero cervantes

The Eyesores

To rid the face of my beautiful Angel
Off the eyesores rooted in twisted minds
(So devoid of conscience and, good taste)
Will make all the angels in my beloved
City sing and all the demons cry--running.

That to "cure" the manic compulsion to
Tag with graffiti everything on site "longing"
For the unnatural look and--order of things
Is a very tall order and--indeed
A real challenge to you, my friend.

Understand that these "artists" are
Frustrated seekers of affirmance and
Adulation--in a world only meant for
The Michaelangelos and the Diego Riveras.

Yes, in a world that remains only for
The commissioned--to entice the eyes
And lift the hearts to what is true
And enduring art.
And remember, these insane "Van Goghs"
Have already "taken their own lives."

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