Al-qahira Bakra

The End of Days!

I'm an historical poet from under the old management of've been submitting since 1999.It all started when Montell williams had a contest for poetry to raise money for M.S.My first poem submitted was published.The aroused Third Eye in the book called enternal portraits.This book was sol…

Long suffering can only mean there's hardships,
And I accept that as another one of God's gifts,
One of the methodsn of pain been through the treacherous terrains,
When I see the sky cry it's from witnessing such pain,
Trying to figure out,
It's putting strain on my brain refuse to go insaine,
How much longer but I still grow stronger,
Surpassing the yonders,
Yet when darkness falls,
The wind howl as it calls my fleshly shell continue to get mauled,
I weep much but laugh little,
Tasting a bitter taste,
I wish I had skittles,
Tumult piles on while I ponder the last riddle,
The Government worries is who has missiles,
They spend their money on war but refuse to feed the poor,
Making multitudes of enemies from being whores,
I'm seeing doors,
Tightly shut paranoia running amuck,
Long as they stay rich they give a f*ck,
Poverty bothers me besides the raping and sodomny,
They been had a solution but still recruiting,
The war's over and peace is claimed,
The Law are criminals raiding the streets again,
Lie to the public and still increase the chains,
Now every man for himself,
Do you see the streets in flames?
Tax cuts makes it increase again,
I don't care who's President,
I refuse to speak his name,
The poor getting poorer I can feel y'alls Ora,
You're uneducated on this New World Order,
The End of Days,
I feel for my Son and Daughter,
The Qu'ran speaks about it and so does the Torah!