odonko- ba

The End Of A Cold War

I can savor

the taste of fear
riding upon the wind
as turbulently
as your troubled mind
seeks desperately
to understand the mortality of this moment

the life and death mechanics of reality
the realization
that we are to die
as evident of the staccato pants
of your futile labour
 frivolous at best
 arouses a sense
of phallic justice
hard truths brought to bear witness of
your infidelities
your betrayal...
aborning of arsenic
sputters froth
from your womb
searing traces of bitterness
cascades a corrupted truth
transformed into an ugliness
that has become us
two hearts that once beat as one
cast fervently
into a cold war
unrelenting hatred
unmitigated threats
that cannot be reprieved
how did we get here
do you even care to ponder the thought
how I once loved thee
a dream shattered
by the realization of now
the now I can live with
the thought of losing you I cannot
kill this relationship
endure I must
for the taste of you
is the sake of me
my sustenance
I close my eyes
in perusal of happier times
when life was bearable
I'm jolted out of my reverie
by hilt of your scorn
protruding from my chest
I touch
as if to confirm its legitimacy
a reason for its being
overwhelmed by solemn peace
I collapse in passive supplication
and as she turns and walk away
of the final utterance
to flee my lips
I forgive you
I ponder
if she even loved me at all

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