Lauren Denney

The end

Dreams calls to me as reality falls from me and the thought of escape keeps me strong.
The road less traveled beckons my soul; darkness descends leaving my knight as black as coal.
I won't be tedious and I won't be remiss
 I won't wait around for your fatal kiss
I won't let you walk over me I can't let you break my heart
Although I have seen the pain coming along from the start
Your words of broken glass shine like the ice in your chest
You abandon me and hurt me because that's what's “best”
Last time you left with smirk as you flirt and your eyes shine with goodbyes
Your good looks deceived me and your “kindness” concealed your lies
Jealous and possessive when it suits you
I keep waiting for the knight to shine through
But all I'm seeing is your black heart of stone
And hoping that I won't always feel so alone
I'm done and this is over, whatever this was
You take a bow, but there is not applause
I see through your act
I realized your façade
Even as I heal you've left me cracked

Don't you know that you're not God?