John D

The Deep

Something beautiful somewhere
Echoes through
Ghostly and lonely
empty and true
Patiently waiting
Gonna come for me soon
Closing my eyes now
Gonna come for me soon
Some kind of sadness somewhere
Lingering and lovely
Innocent and deadly
Soft serenade howling
Blade against bone
Blood in the dark
Gonna carry me home
Tired of the strong
And the weak and the long
Tired of the gloom and the grey
The smooth and the frayed
The lost and the played
I just wanna float and fade, far away
To the sound of a soft sad tune
Rain drops on still water
Wash me away
A few tears for tomorrow
But not enough to stay
I fade and I float and I fade
On Angels wings
A songstress sings
My soul joins the waiting wind
My body to the deep to my doom
Down through the calm of this watery tomb
A sweet sadness wins over madness this day