The Dance of Romance

My name is Theresa, I love to write and read poetry. My favourite poet is Billy Collins. I am mainly inspired to write by everyday happenings or feelings, and I often write with some humour or sarcasm. My travel experiences have also influenced my writing, some of my favourite places to travel have…

I’m not sure I know how to play this game anymore.
Or maybe I never did.

I suppose it is more like a dance than a game.
A careful dance around the truth,
trying not to appear too eager
or too vulnerable.
But I’m both, and more.

I wonder if he is performing this careful dance too?
And if he is,
I wonder when he will slip?

Maybe we can lose our footing together,
falling in a heap on the stage.
The curtain of truth falling all around us, ending the dance.

Nothing left except two people both eager and vulnerable,
grasping onto one another,
breathless from dancing.