Al-qahira Bakra

The Cycle of Season

I'm an historical poet from under the old management of've been submitting since 1999.It all started when Montell williams had a contest for poetry to raise money for M.S.My first poem submitted was published.The aroused Third Eye in the book called enternal portraits.This book was sol…

I''ve seen the mists of the morrow,
Filled with calamity and sorrow,
The world looks cold and hollow
But what''s better will follow,
Ponders of you forever waiting,
While bloom and lusture descends from veggitation,
The wind blows and churn like hunger,
Still your patience and perseverance grow stronger,
Greyness cover the skies, reminds you of mist and fog
Before your eyes, resembling tears from your pouts and cries,
It was all filled with life before,
Again one day it''ll be restored,
The clouds dance like waves off shore.
Looking like black smoke
Cultivated from war,
I can''t wait to feel the sring rain,
When life and warmth
Will be restored again !