Mgbada chukwudi cletus

The big city

Name:Mgbada chukwudi cletus occupation:student marital status:single sex:male state:Ebonyi state,Abakaliki. Country:Nigeria ABOUT HIM: He is a funny drud who does know his right from his left.Always carried away by his stoic words;which had variably and invariably,advertently and inadvertentl…

Reaching the big city,
i saw the globe bustling and rebustling,
as it circles and recircle;

the business men,
stairing their storey offices;

school children,
reciting their new codings

commercial caps,
running into steet labyrinths,
as passengers destination varies;

the traffic man,
dancing and breaking,
as vehicles speed and slows
at rush hours.
pop! Pop! Screaming horns.

prickled by the sun,
as the receives chides,
showing they're late;

polishing their environs with aromas from conglomerated condiments;

clutching their bikes
as they speed home
to meet their soured meal;

checking the feeds,
as few return with smiles and others in grim and disappointment;

praising and chorkling in prayer,
and seeking a rosy day;

'Big cities,great dealings'.