Mike Lowe

The art of seduction

The art of seduction, no person wants to have the discussion. Simple as a touch, nibble or kiss but her broken heart, its something that we miss. Sometimes its a cold bliss. She said "The pain feels like cutting my wrist". No one can explain her pain or where it comes from, but a man, she blames its from. Now shes 4 months pregnant with an unborn son. The father, using his seduction on another one. He is neither here nor there. Now she has this weight to bare. Knowing already the unasked questions, "where is my daddy? Does he not love me?" Her mind races as she thinks of a reply.... but all she can do is cry. One week later shes waking up in a room with unbearable heart break, dizzy and confused, bloody and hurting! She pulls back the curtain.. falls to her knees and pleads. A man in white comes to her needs. Hes seen it too many times. 3 hours later she bleeds! Two open wounds on each of her wrist. who is to blame for this misery? Two beautiful lives gone and the father could only wonder what went wrong. Two years later, that same man is wondering what went wrong.

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