Desiree Brooks

Tell me again

I am a nurse and a mother of three grown children. I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. I love expressing myself on paper. I am a pastor's wife. We pastor a small church in Media, Pa. We are presently debating with a group of people on U-Tube who say that the world will end on May 21,…

I'd just been flustered about that buster
He whipped around and made such sounds
Til ample grace found no place
But tell me, tell me again of what it meant
To see me pay the rent
Remind me of my part until it breaks my heart
Of standing in the gap, when you don't have my back
Remind me how encouraging it is and even nourishing
Tell me, tell me again, while I regain my grasp on who I am
Tell me, tell me again, amid such great descent
How it is I'm helping you in the face of this lament
Tell me, tell me again