Symphony of seduction

A fortyish native born all American man. Married twice and for the last time. I have four children; Three daughters and one son that are all over the age of eighteen. I also have two grandchildren; one three years old and one nine months old. Inspired by God, tragedy, life's experiences and th…

You mellifluously
Strums cords across the harp
And manipulate
The tender strings of my tender heart

The melodies you play
Initiating a graceful, but deviant dance
As the notes of songs tugging and wrenching
Until unto me your passion of lust you lastly grant

Then strings winding up around your fingers
Intensifyingly touch as they tighten
To strangling and choking
Until my prides and pleasures wither and dying

Your pipers tune
Leading emotions off to stray
Wandering lost within the performance
As a soul is left shuttering within a spotlight displayed

Then suddenly, the curtain drops into darkness of backstage
Where I ponder another composition, a ballad, an opera if I must
Or even through one more serenade
That maybe I could win back the ghost of your never love