Wallace Dean LaBenne


Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Svengali is magnetic, Svengali takes control
Svengali is hypnotic
Svengali takes a toll.
Svengali creates mayhem, Svengali causes pain
Svengali creates flimflam
Svengali causes strain.
Svengali will possess you, Svengali dominates
Svengali will never rue
Svengali depredates.
Svengali writes the lyrics, Svengali strings your song
Svengali writes the relics
Svengali strings along.
Svengali manipulates, Svengali steals your soul
Svengali intimidates
Svengali steals your goal.
Svengali is emphatic, Svengali plays your kind
Svengali is dramatic
Svengali plays your mind.

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