Victor Gatenby

Super Gran

My name is Victor John Gatenby, born in 1958 and native of North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. I am a researcher of genealogy and started to write poetry in 2002, after retiring from public service. Having a creative and compassionate mind, for helping people, that is in my scope to do, I fin…

The door to the cottage
was open when I got there.
Gran was sat in her usual
C'mon in, ' Get your self sat
down,' she said.
There was a roaring open fire,
a range, that had a side oven.
I could smell the delightful homely
aroma of fresh baked bread.

Gran said, ' I thought you would
come to visit me,'
so i've baked a little something
for our tea.

My mouth began to water.
Gran, had her favourites and
I was one of them.
After all, I was her grand-daughter.

I helped gran set the table and
my, what a spread of home cooked
For just the two us, far too much.
Of course, I did not say anything.
I didn't dare.

Gran and I liked our little chin wags,
nice and cosy,
comfortable and very homely,
sat in a fire-side chair.

Gran was such a loving kindly
not an un-kind word did she
An organized and tidy person,
the cottage was spick and span,
simple comforts and free from

I stayed a few hours,
listening to grans' stories
reminiscing of by-gone times,
poetry she had written
and short rhymes.

It was time to leave.
I hate goodbyes !
Leaving gran alone.
We both hugged one
another, with a loving kiss,
to visit another day.
I left, both with tears,
welling up in our eyes.