Rachel Mermon

Summer Love

Hi =] my name is Rachel and I am a 9th grader with a lot of opinions. I love nature music drawing and just having fun with friends and my family. I am in a great relationship right now and it has mostly inspired all of my love poems. I hope everyone enjoys my poems =]

The days are turning
warmer and warmer
the trees are blooming
bursting with life and grace
admist the traces of winter
peeling back the cold
like my fears, my sadness, my tears
and revealing hope with new blooms
because when the sky goes blue
and the last bell rings
we'll have all the time in the world
to curl up in the grass
under the smiling sun
drown in a pool of happiness
till the first bell rings again
and trees lose their life
and like my glimmering happiness
go into hibernation
once again.

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