Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi


Success is a stone's throw away
One can easily walk through
And sai it a very good day
But success means what?
Is it binary or cipher
Or a
Success in school class
Having a good grade and pass
Success in business and trade
Is to set your brand beast made
And accumulate pile of dollar
Dance in the parties with white collar..

Success in sports and game
Is to earn name and fame
Fill your pocket tight
No any kind of blame…..

Success in politics
Is to playing tricks
Establish hegemony
Register your name
In history of ethics….

Success for a thief
Is little tedious and brief
Either he will enjoy the loot
Or in a cell he will play flute,

Success for a poet
Is painful sight
Lots of sweat
Then after death
You become great,

Success in love
 Is to get your dove
Have some offspring
And wander for buying things

Success has different stories
Every success has its own glories,

Life is a school
For certain days
All victories apart
If you play wrong ways,

The purity of soul
And depart with dignity
Shedding brutality
He becomes the real celebrity,

Otherwise all of the gains
Will go to the drains……