Desiree Brooks


I am a nurse and a mother of three grown children. I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. I love expressing myself on paper. I am a pastor's wife. We pastor a small church in Media, Pa. We are presently debating with a group of people on U-Tube who say that the world will end on May 21,…

When we started to share
I meant to be frank
A bit through the talk
My openness sank
True thoughts hovered
Somewhere inside
I told them, come out
They preceded to hide
I reached for them, then
They wouldn,t obey
So I said something like them
In utter dismay
Notions I held
Which were slight off the cuff
Shamed me to think
That I was fond of
Not conscious at first
Of my likely descent
My mind played some tricks
On the things that I meant
When finally in touch
With the shame I subdued
I settled for less
It wasn't the truth