Suzanne C. Goudreau

Stroll of a Pen!

As she sits at her desk, such a sweet pen strolling
That woman of keen thought, spiritual writing
And caught in this meaningful, truthful essence
Her pensive style, attuned, valiant patience
That articulate pen, memories of days present
Endures, silent emotion, within that ethic moment
She is studied and serious, just carried away
By needs to express feelings, her authentic way
As she assembles her well meaning wonders
This fine day of daffodils, delicate gestures
This woman of diligent duty, noble endeavour
Agile of mind and body, ultimate refined vigour
Her laborious penning welcomes that soul easily
And captures devised attention, ever so quickly
As she is enhanced by her responsive action
Exciting is that sensational, kindred dispostion
Ethereal, that presence, one must speculate
And feelings well thought of, and so immaculate
Her thoughts unfold, unto the realms of higher life
The labour of her pen, profound healing, silent strife
She has poise and charm, so daring and restless
And without second thought, folds the stroll priceless!