EP Haridasan

Strange are the ways of this world

Hails from Kerala,India.I am 64 years old,retired from Goverment service ,presently settled in Delhi.My wife is a home maker.We have two sons,both settled in life.By virtue of my job,I have widely travelled across the country and few place abroad too.We are now leading a very happy and peaceful lif…

Strange are the ways of this world,
its moods and moodswings,
When it is hot, it wants to be cold,
When it is cold, it wants to be hot!

  Man is never contented with what he has,
  He always yearns for things beyond,
  Things beyond his reach and control,
  Always thinking that his happiness lies elsewhere.

He is thinking his comforts are not in,
what he has but in what he has not,
Contemplating in these lines throughout,
Man wastes his life without living.


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