Steven Avolio

Stark Realities

The parading of hubris; the brandishing of exaggerated pride,
They lied, with their wide lubricious prating lips; tongues twisted
And tied, forked also besides, always looking for blackmail and bribes.

You know of whom I speak; you know the kind, those who know people
As sheep and see them as blind, that lurk about and reap, never letting
Crises go unexploited, benefits from the miseries of all mankind.

Reality will not be mocked and made a fool of; justice will exfoliate the lies.
Nature will not bend or comply with mans misrepresentation as they falsifie
What they know to be truth. Puffed up prevaricators, spinners that misdescribe.

What have we come to? What manner of people have we become? I shun to
Think where this all will take us; I pray we stop the games we play. I do not see
Light before us but smell the stench of darker days. May we all change our ways?