Karolina MarszaƂkowska


Hello. I am just one of us , random 20 year old girl that loves to write. I'm writing not to gain fame or respect , just because it brings me happiness. Feel free to read, criticize. All your comments are welcomed cause I'd like to know what you think. ^^

Thought I could give you everything I had
But I found it hard to realize instead
That it's not as easy as saying kind word
And that after all I could have been hurt

But should I stop now? It's too late I guess
Even I don't know how did I get in this mess
Maybe it's pureness or I naively believed
That you won't ever leave if I just plead

I lost in this one , but I've got no regrets
I heard complaining and even some threats
But it was my choice of living like that
Sorry for not giving everything I had

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