Neil McLeod


Born in Oxford, raised in Kenya, past winner of Los Slamgeles Poetry Slam and author of abitingchance.blogspot.comand "The First Thanksgiving".Doctor McLeod is a performing poet who has recited at Highland Games, dinners and Burns Nights for the last 36 years. He is happily married, lives and works…


Somewhere, in that distant blue-belled glade,
Rain-kissed and softened to enrich the sweet earth,
His ashes were scattered.
When last I saw him, thin and frail
We briefly planned to meet again.
He would speak Swahili.

I have waited for that sharp remembrance
To dull in the time-worn manner,
Allowing only the best of memories
To buoyantly contour my reflections.
He has not come, returning from beyond,
Nor can he!

Both parents are gone now, and sprinkled,
In glade and river, never to reunite,
Until by faith alone, redeemed,
We all shall cross to that rich Paradise
Forever, together again,