Kellie Traefald

Sometimes You Lose Something...

My poetry is written from my heart, usually when I have so much emotion I cannot keep it inside and it must be released. So I release it through words in the form and shape of a poem!Mind you a lot of my poems were written awhile ago, I have no recent poems to date. I tried to post them in order of…

I cry these lonely tears of sorrow,
as they slide down my cheeks, onto my pillow.
My heart breaks a little more,
at each harsh word, at each angry statement.
Ill plaster a smile on later,
disguise my pain behind a laugh.
When asked if somethings wrong,
Ill lie and say nothing at all.
When truthfully, deep inside;
Im falling apart, on my knees.
Wishing things werent this way,
But it takes two to make things work.
It takes two to communicate,
it takes two to make a relationship last.
You cant forgive someone else,
If you cant forgive yourself first.
Ive cried my tears, felt my pain,
Now its time to move on again.

Sometimes you must lose something,
In order to gain something.
You must hurt, to feel joy;
You must cry, before you can laugh.
You must fall, before you can climb,
You must first see the rainclouds,
before you see the rainbow!

Written January 6th 2009, during a time that had me question everything but clinging to the hope that one day it would get better!