Hisham Addicoat

Some Bugger called an Election

/(**)\ || / \ _||_ "Cyber Sketch".. patent bending. Copy'bright, applied six, of it that 4."

Some bugger's in the bed lying next to me,
“Hurry get your clothes off,
Then we'll have something to see?”
Ouch, is this free ?
----you must have grown a beard ?
The blasted things so briskly,
Crikey you look so weird.
Just a daw gone minute, who the heck are you?
The party for the bearded ladies,
 Is down the hall and a little to your left,
  I think the door is blue.
This is the last time I come to a convention
I started out with “I'll enjoy myself” Intention.
But now with this embarrassment
puts everything beyond my reach.
You can stuff this federal election,
 I've decided to burn my speech.

Yes folks it's just a paid political announcement.

Vote one, I'll, ( rhymes with kiss) in your pocket.
I'll even pay your hotel bill, just present the docket.
See what's written up above its all in the name of love.
They'll even go to bed with you and say ;
----“Look at that, another blessing from above”.
Ramble, Ramble, Ramble, change the song.
Sounds like my doorbell when you press it
 all you hear is, ding dong.

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