Brittani Bowden

Solitude Stolen

My name's Brittani, I'm 15 years old, and I've been writing poetry for the last few years. I have written around 90 poems in that time. Not entirely sure if that's a great feat or not, but I'm happy with it nonetheless ^-^ And, of course, I will be adding and adding and adding and- okay, you get th…

Quiet and alone
I enjoyed my solitary
But then you came
And I became wary
You took my shadows
Replaced it with light
Now I can’t hide
Within artificial night
Why did you take me?
And tear down my walls?
Why won’t you let me
Stay confined in dead halls?


What is this?
What am I feeling?
My indifference is lost
My heart is now reeling
Against your hold
I’d fought fiercely before
But now I won’t go
I can’t anymore
I feel as if now
If I ever lost you
The shadows would come back
And my life would be through
…Don’t leave me…
…And I won’t go…