Stephanie Mishon Clark

So Deep in Love

My name is Stephanie and I am 37 yrs. old & I have a loving boyfriend named Brandon. I have been writing ever since my freshman year in high school (1999). Most of these poems on here are ones that I wrote years ago. Writing is my second passion that I do when I need to pour out my feelings abo…

Why do I miss you every minute of the day?
Why when I call you, I can't think of words to say?
Why do I blush when I hear you sing?
Why when I close my eyes, it's you in my dream?
Why do I ask when I already know that I'm so deep in love?
Why does my heart melt when you tell me how you feel?
Why do I have to constantly touch you to make sure you're real?
Why does my tummy get butterflies when I hear your name?
Why, for two years, did our love for each other remain?
Why do I ask when I already know that we're so deep in love?