Wallace Dean LaBenne

Snow Has A Ball

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Our planet's in orbit. Our planet's in time.
Our planet's in order. Our planet's in clime.
The earth is our mother. The earth is our home.
The earth is our nurture. The earth is our drome.
Stars are in the movies. Stars are in the skies.
Stars are in the noggin. Stars are in the eyes.
The moon shines in harvest. The moon shines in blue.
The "moonshine's" in vat tubs. The "moonshine's" in you.
Lightning is electric. Lightning is shocking.
Lightning is flashing speed. Lightning is rocking.
Thunder is clamorous. Thunder is loud blare.
Thunder is vibration. Thunder is spent air.
The fog obscures morning. The fog obscures light.
The fog obscures darkness. The fog obscures night.
The rain falls on picnics. The rain falls on flames.
The rain falls on parades. The rain falls on games.
The hail drops like marbles. The hail drops like sprawls.
The hail drops like bullets. The hail drops like squalls.
The snow glows and glistens. The snow brightens all.
The snow crystals sparkle. The snow has a ball.

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