L. Larry Amadore

Snippets (Some pims)

A word lover who enjoys beautiful poetry of all genres and responds with admiration to fresh and felicitous phrases. [Retired manufacturing/production control mgr./marketing manager/financial analyst. USAF veteran; lived in US, Mexico, Germany, Turkey.]

desert stillness shrouds
 their adversary lairs
twilight's muted thunder
 betrays the nearby
 stealthy moon
pale gold ribbons
 fiery soft skies
sea haze streaks a thin mountain path
as day begins
kitchen pans, pity, pungent cheese
 and garden lace -- the matriarch
 dripping decay
with her mild gentility
winter snow, ice
 slow spring melt
rain-drowned torrent ocean bound flow
 placid river drift
 debris of desire
drifting memories
 of lakes
water lapping against land
heartbeats floating on the breeze
 the water reflects your face
look away
the chalky moon
 creases midnight clouds
blue shades of lovers
 walk a powdery sky
chortle at the other's close proximity

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