Dee Edgett

Smudged By The Moon

I am a 60 year old womam, married 42 years. Live on a farm in Canada. Mother, grandmother. Love to write. Poems are a new adventure. I have had story stories and articles published.

I watch a lone seagull
Perched on the edge of a cliff
Protected from the icy winds,
He sings a coarse love song.
Clouds drift aimlessly
Across the darkening sky.
Spun like broken glass
The ice glints along the shoreline.
Light through the vapor
Lines the barren rocks.
Whipped by the winds
Angry sea spray engulfs
The edge of everything.
A wave sleek and silver
Shifts through the glistening mist.
My heart, the cartographer,
Charts past the rough waterline.
The raging tide turns
Sending me spiraling back.
Losing you has left me broken;
But my lonely heart still beats
Of its own volition.
The storm has gone on for days.
Late shadows gather in the dark
Leaving a blurred thumbprint
Resting across my heart,
Smudged by a lover's moon.