Charles Johnson

Skill building....

Biographically I would say that this is the place where I share about me.Re veered as a someone with morals, values,and positive energy, inspiration, and responsibilities.My possibilities can't possibly be limited to nothing less than exquisite.Welcome to my page, and I'm glad you stopped to visit.…

Understand that
your way of doing things
may not always be the
best way.Consider other
suggestions, perhaps
even different styles as
well. Keep an open mind
when it comes to creativity.
And please whatever you
do don't point fingers if you fail.

No one is perfect,
and this does include myself.
So make room to allow for
mishaps. No one really likes
a mistake. And if you see
someone having a hard time
don't allow them to collapse.

Be kind, helpful, and
informative. Many will
appreciate you for that even
more.This is how respect is
earned. And don't ignore the
warning signs and slam the door.

Just remember...
that one day you were where
they were. Sometimes your
professionalism will help them
to birth good habits. Don't tear
them down and wear them out.
Perhaps one day they will be
good at it.
Watch the magic...