Timothy Francis Savage


I have been writing poetry most of my life I love how so much can be said using so little. I am not a literary person but have always enjoyed this form which drips out of me, for reasons I can’t explain, almost constantly. I have written poems to try and explain this like Surfers Block, Special Pre…

From the edge
Of the manicured, pampered hotel lawn,
Constantly damp under automated sprinklers.
I look across miles of harsh dry sand,
At the ragged, quartz cut, lunar mountains,
Glowing black before a setting white sun,
With no softening colour
To diminish ruthless passion.
A lone road winds, like dirty tired string,
Into the depths of this cruel beauty,
To a land unchanged by time.
Where a humble man can stand
And be at one with any moment
Between the beginning and the end.

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