Simply the Beautiful

I am simply an artist. An artist of both words and the potrait of life. I adore the works of both Shakespeare and Chaucer alike. My goal in life is unlike most others,the persuit of happiness is my only adventure. For that is the path less traveled by today's travelers.

As I watch the world around me I wonder:
The dog runs after the cat,
The birds chirp in the sunshine
And the children play in the grass.

How innocent these things seem,
How incredibly simple joy is to a child.
A child doesn't see things the same,
They see color and adventure and freedom.

While we see race, work, and crime;
Children see the simple pleasure of life.
Things we look over everyday
And call a waste of time.

Children are the devine art of God.
They know no evil or discrimination;
They see only the beauty of life...
What was crafted by God's hands.

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